Competitor killed in the Skerries 100

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Competitor killed in the Skerries 100

Post by D'Arse »

A competitor in a motorcycle race in north county Dublin was killed this afternoon.

The man, who was in his 30s, was participating in the Skerries 100 Road Race.

A spectator was taken to Beaumont Hospital with minor injuries.

Racing has been cancelled.
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Re: Competitor killed in the Skerries 100

Post by Logorrhea »

Thats pretty much the nature of road racing.

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Re: Competitor killed in the Skerries 100

Post by Hornet »

A sport fraught with danger for competitors and spectators alike, but incredibly addictive for those of us who follow it. Was once at the TT watching from a spot that i had spectated from many a time. Was waiting for the race to begin when a marshall ambled by. Although it was not a prohibited viewing spot he was surprised i was there. After a couple of minutes chatting he revealed that at the previous years Manx GP, a rider had come off on the corner i was watching at. He then pointed at a tree just behind me, and showed me the marks, including paint traces of the bike's fairing, of where the bike had ended up. With that he said enjoy the racing and keep your head down! Stayed in my place and watched some awesome racing.

Myles Byrne R.I.P.
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Re: Competitor killed in the Skerries 100

Post by LeRouxIsPHat »

This story didn't really make any impact on me when I first heard but just found out that the deceased is a brother of a teacher of mine from school who's a top, top guy and who'd always stop for a chat and be really interested to know how all the lads are getting on in college and just generally. Very sad news. RIP

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