Rabo Semi v Ulster

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Re: Rabo Semi v Ulster

Post by jedifart »

BRulster wrote:
jedifart wrote:Late notice I know, but I'm looking for one terrace, north or south stand.

Plenty of spares heading south as we speak. Try the horseshow in an hour or two.

Yeah that's the plan if I don't arrange anything in advance but I'm stuck in work in the city centre until just after 6 so time will be precious and it would be good to have something sorted before I leave here :)

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Re: Rabo Semi v Ulster

Post by meathman3 »

if u can make it to ranelagh i can give u a ticket for north stand within the next hour let me know

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Re: Rabo Semi v Ulster

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I have two spare tickets for this evening's match Leinster v Ulster at 7pm. Tickets are in the Anglesea Terrace and will sell for cost price (€28 per ticket including booking fee), can meet anyone who wants them before the game around the RDS area. Let me know if anyone is interested.


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