Ireland v France 11/10/2015

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Re: Ireland v France 11/10/2015

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VGE wrote:
olaf the fat wrote:The French game plan was based on targeting Sexton, after 25 minutes he was gone. Along with Sexton, so went the French game plan. They were simply out thought and out fought by a team they could not beat in the last 4 seasons.

Our provincial teams dont fear French club teams anymore and that is reflecting at international level now.

There was no game plan.

There was no game

There was no plan.

There was a poor French National Team that fought with his physical brain. We are not brainless, we are physical. Sometimes.

Au revoir.
Happy as I was to see the result, it's no fun having such a poor French team in the RWC. They're supposed to be the wild card that could take victory from anyone and who fear nobody. This version doesn't fear anybody, but only because it doesn't seem to care enough to register such strong emotions about anything.

There's a good French team in the 31 players. Just no good coaches and no leaders, as you say.

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Re: Ireland v France 11/10/2015

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simonokeeffe wrote:
johng wrote:
All Blacks nil wrote:
wouldn't have thought that SOB was that easily provoked.
Had to be something else to it.

if not it was beyond foolish.
Rumour is that pape was interfering with his dangly bits. Where that rumour originates I dunno.
as the rumours were a finger in the jacksie I am going to have to strongly advise you to see a physician if your Hooper is dangly, I know for a fact Bails' Japanese doctor is over for the world cup
If that was true it'd be hard to understand how Pape is still breathing.
Flash ahhhh ahhh, he'll save every one of us

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Re: Ireland v France 11/10/2015

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There needs to be a culling at the FFR, I think the IRFU are short sighted and myopic, the FFR are on a whole different planet in comparison, zero strategy beyond "Noves-who has been past his sell by date for nearly a decade at this point-will come in and save us". They need to reorganise, grow the game at grassroots, plough money into the federale and impose heavy restrictions on foreigners at Pro D2 and below. I know AIL standard foreign players( one of whom has, in fact, played AIL) picking up a wage in the pro D2, madness, its like the old Irish rugby attitude of "he's a foreigner, the must be good", its not the foreign players in the Top 14 that are killing french rugby, its the levels below and the complete absence of strategy from the ffr.
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