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betty swallocks
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Re: Ireland Pool 2019 RWC

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That guy is some player - I agree with you ruckedtobits

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Re: Ireland Pool 2019 RWC

Post by MylesNaGapoleen »

Ruckedtobits wrote:If Furlong and Porter want to raise their standards in open play, a copy of the 20 minute contribution of the blond-haired Japanese No 18 would be worth some study. He was magnificent in carrying into contact and passing beautifully to colleagues and contributing constantly at high pace and with pure quality. A great cameo.
agreed. Japan game plan was executed to almost perfection. That said...I think the saffers have the nous to go wide quickly if they try the same against them. Scots twigged too late in their game despite coming within 7 at FT.

So, England hold on to their record of being the only host nation noto to make it out of their pool!!

Looking forward to all the quarter finals...can't wait.

I wonder if Joe will have us rumbling in the same way as in dublin last nov against the ABs or if he has held back showing our hand in the pool stages.

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