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Shiny Boots is back!

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Thom Evans Is Returning To Rugby 5 Years After Nearly Being Paralysed

Five years ago, in a Six Nations match with Wales, Scotland winger Thom Evans somehow managed to escape paralysis when he was injured in an encounter with Wales full back Lee Byrne.

Evans underwent two separate surgeries following the incident, one to address the injury in his neck, and the second to re-align and stabilise his spine. The surgeon at the time commented that his vertebrae had been knocked so far out of alignment that he was a millimetre away from permanent paralysis and death.

Evans retired after the surgeries on medical advice and continued to have a successful career away from rugby. Known for his blistering pace, the winger began training with sprint coach Margot Wells with a view to breaking into athletics but decided in 2012 that he was going to pursue a career in acting instead.

But following a non existent acting career the winger is now back with Wells and is gearing up for a sensational return to rugby.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former Scotland international said he's planning to make a return on the sevens circuit and that he'll feature in next week's Dubai Sevens.

However he is remaining cautious and realistic and says the tournament will provide him with an opportunity to test his body before making any further decisions.

I'm honoured to be able to get the opportunity to play, and this tournament is to see how I hold up being back on the pitch.

I have no ambitions or anything other than just to play in this tournament in Dubai and see how my body holds up.

The idea just now is to play sevens. The body feels really good. I will see how it is. I have been working really hard with Margot and strengthening everything up.

Evans' coach Wells spoke of the miraculous recovery from the former Scottish flyer, hinting that Evans may be even stronget now than he was pre injury.

The surgeon was amazed at his recovery but it is not as if there was any physical damage to his body.

It is now as strong as it has ever been, he is as fast as he has ever been, as powerful as he has ever been and there is no area of weakness at all. I would actually say he is better now than when he got hurt.

A truly remarkable story and we wish Evans all the best on his hopefully injury free comeback ... ce=twitter
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