The Schmidt legacy

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The Schmidt legacy

Post by wise7 »

Interesting tweet below from journalist Ewan Mc Kenna and if he isactually right about the self-penning, maybe it sheds some light on where a lot of critical energy was channelled during the lead-in time to RWC. Ironic if the excercise of scribing his legacy became a negative contributor to the outcome of that same legacy. A bit like dropping the ball going over the line!

Ewan MacKenna
Writing a book is exhausting for a professional writer. Hugely time consuming. Can't imagine what it is like for someone who isn't used to it. And yet Joe Schmidt spent the 18 month lead in to a World Cup penning his own biography? Imagine if a player did that. Unforgivable.

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Re: The Schmidt legacy

Post by blockhead »

Please stop bringing that gobshite onto our beautiful forum.
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Re: The Schmidt legacy

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I believe that bitter bollix is a first cousin of the Australian prop, Wayne Kerr ( gotta say in an Aussie accent )

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Re: The Schmidt legacy

Post by fourthirtythree »

If any of the professional sportspeople were so woefully ill prepared and clueless as that man is I multiple sports they wouldn't have a job.

If they tweeted such b*%&!cks they would have their contract terminated.
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Re: The Schmidt legacy

Post by Logorrhea »

This forum seems to becoming difficult to mod these days. So much negativity.

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Re: The Schmidt legacy

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It's probably faster to write a book if you're not mashing your hands in anger against the keyboard and constantly distracted by conspiracy theories and deluded opinions but Ewan only knows one way.

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