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Re: Schools Rugby 2008-09

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leinsternut wrote:
RoscoBosco wrote:Newbridge were missing 8 starting players , 6 from injurys and the other 2 were on international duty. The leinster branch offered them to rescedual the match for after christmas but they said no cuz they would of had to cancel freindlys against rock and belvo, still, fair play to gerards

Sounds a bit like excuses there. A win is a win and if Newbridge were offered another date they should have taken it, I find it hard to believe they would treat the league so lightly. I dont see how this one fixture would necessitate cancelling two friendlies. Gerards have a nack of producing some well drilled teams with limited resources over the last few years, they have a great coach in Joe Mc (not sure he is still there)

If the game had to be played after Christmas, then assuming Newbridge won it, they would miss out on 2 weeks rugby. There is a strong chance that they will beat Clongowes in the cup and that would mean much more to the school than any league win ever could. The Rock and Belvo games are obviously very important in preparing for the derby game

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Re: Schools Rugby 2008-09

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I find that complete horse sh*t, that the realistic opportunity of winning silverware is less important than beating a local rival. Would they rather have newspaper clippings or trophies on display in the school?!

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