Lets get back to Rugby chat

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Blue not red blood
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Lets get back to Rugby chat

Post by Blue not red blood »

Am I the only one who is finding the site is turning personal and slightly vindictive in some cases.
I find myself scrolling through a topic only to find it being full of pages of back and forward insults which bear no relation to the topic being discussed.

Friendly Banter is all part of the forum, hence my poster name. However the International page in particular is being dominated by a number of posters who seem to be determined to be posting negative and insulting comments. It has resulted in me visiting the site a lot less and posting fewer comments.

It would also appear that less people are posting comments and I wonder is it because they are feeling the same.

I will not be getting involved in a back and forth discussion on this but just wanted to let my thoughts be known.

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Shane Horgan
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Re: Lets get back to Rugby chat

Post by Logorrhea »

I believe the admins have taken some form of action as the one or two posters sitting in the middle of most trolling seem to have stopped posting.